The Bank’s current total work force is 658 employees.  207 employees are stationed at the Bank's Head Office and the remaining 451 in the branches.

CRDB Bank Recruitment Policy
CRDB Bank is an equal opportunity employer.

Recruitment in the CRDB  Bank aims at hiring and maintaining highly qualified professional candidates in its work force. Our recruitment policy is firmly linked to our corporate mission and objectives.

Sources of recruitment
CRDB Bank recruits its personnel both from within the bank and from outside but it is only when the Bank fails to fill a vacancy internally that it initiates an external search.

System of recruitment
The Bank uses an open door policy of recruitment so that whenever there are job vacancies, the first priority is given to members of staff to fill them except in the case where the desired is external. In this instance the job vacancies are advertised to the members of public through the press (newspapers).

Offer of appointment
After employment interview a letter of notification is sent to the successful candidate.

An offer of appointment can only be formalized after the successful candidate meets the following conditions.

·   Clean reference report from Bank’s approved referees.

·   Medical fitness report.

·   Form to provide appointee’s personal particulars.

·   Signed letter of offer of appointment to signify acceptance of the offer.

·   Signed surety’s form.

Types of appointment
Recruitment in the Bank takes the form of the following appointments:

·     Permanent appointment offered to Tanzanian citizens only who are 45 years or younger.

·     Temporary appointment offered only for reasons that compel hiring of more manpower than is available from permanent staff due to temporary workload. This appointment can be on a month-to-month basis for a period not exceeding three months.

·     Contract appointment that is normally for not more than three years although may be renewed for a further period at the discretion of the appointing authority. The bank has introduced renewable contracts for its senior and middle management in year 2001. In future contract terms will be offered to all levels.

·     Part time appointment which is offered on agreement basis for a specific number of days per week or hours per day. This can be offered for jobs whose nature do not need full time input.

The Bank offers attractive terms and conditions of service in secure and pensionable employment plus excellent career opportunities.

The Bank realizes that people are the most important of its resources and it, therefore, puts a premium in their career development. The Bank trains its manpower to minimize and fill gaps in their skill levels for better performance. The Bank staff can take several avenues when it comes to their professional development.

Professional Training
The Bank gives financial assistance (pays for tuition) and encourages its staff to undertake professional banking courses on part-time basis from the Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB).

In House courses
The Bank Training Unit coordinates with the other Bank departments for the development of in-house courses that address skills gaps in specific staff. These are held in local or overseas institutions. In order to enable management and staff to cope with the new Information System (IS), the Bank has embarked on intensive customer oriented training for its staff with a view to imparting specialized skills that will generate total quality service.

Short Overseas courses
Through DANIDA's assistance Bank staff regularly participate in short courses and secondment, undertaken abroad specifically in Denmark.

Special loan services
The Bank guarantees its staff to qualify for hire purchase schemes.

The Bank offers personal loans and car loans to staff.