CRDB Bank acknowledges the importance of operational efficiency, ever-improving customer service and minimal operational costs. In accordance to these objectives CRDB Bank has now fully computerized its banking services.

CRDB Information System

CRDB Bank Information System project was aimed at modernizing operations and providing quality customer service. The bank initiated and completed the roll-out of its 24 branches network in 1999.  As of today the entire CRDB Bank banking service is fully automated.

The installation integrates banking operations into a single banking system with identical procedures bank-wide. The enhanced operational efficiency has improved customer service, boost security and controls and support product innovation.

CRDB Bank Information System Applications Programs Software

The Information System is made up of related software applications that in their totality bring the following qualities to our business: improved customer satisfaction. The system is based on a reliable satellite communication system, a branch accounting support system and a centralized bank wide accounting and general management system.

In this setup branches which utilize branchpower system for day to day banking operations can beam electronic data to a geostatic satellite through satellite dishes. The geostatic satellite sends the electronic data signals on real-time to the head office, other branches and vice versa.

Distance and unreliable communication no longer poses a problem to CRDB Bank operations. Even the remotest CRDB Bank branches are now connected with real time updating irrespective of the considerable distances involved. In that way the whole of CRDB Bank (head office and branches) functions like a single very big bank branch.

In addition the software packages involved in the overall CRDB Bank Information System are of international standards and can accommodate all modern banking products. They therefore enable advanced provision and maintenance of banking and financial transactions

Satellite Communication

The Bank has installed in each of its branches advanced telecommunication systems that propagate data in a microwave format, from the branch through satellite in space and down, to a destination (receiver) which is a fellow branch or head office. This communication technology guarantees quick response (data exchange is immediate within all branch offices), hence high quality customer service.


Apart from the normal interbank data transmission, this advanced telecommunication technology facilitates intrabank message transmission. Through the facility, our customers' transactions are safe and private because we avoid unreliable or faulty lines of other telecommunication providers.

Bankmaster Software Package

This centralized system facilitates a single back-office accounting and general management Information System operation. This software provides integrated intrabank operations with a secure, quick and smooth data and information transmission.

Branchpower Software Package

This unit-based system provides our branches with accounting support. It links individual branches (in real time) to the centralized bankmaster system for back-office updating.


The system provides our corporate customers with the ability to view and print bank statement from workstations at their workplace/ home, send and receive E-mail to and from the bank, spot rate and deposit rate inquiry. Functionalities such as transfer of fund from one account to another, third party payment, free format instruction, are also supported by the system, but due to some security issues, they are currently not for use.


This system automates signature capture, retrieval and verification. When used in conjunction with Bankcards, the system provides additional teller support and replaces signature cards. The system will give our customers a safe, attractive, and simple multi-purpose Bank identification.


The Society for the Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a network of more than 2000 banks worldwide. CRDB bank is also a member of this elite International Bank Community. The network not only speeds up electronic fund transfers (EFT) between CRDB, international correspondents and foreign banks but also facilitates accurate, convenient payments as well as affordable charges.

Advantages to customers

The network has the following advantages:

  •       Our customers can deposit/withdraw cash at any CRDB Bank branch in the country.

  •       Our customers can effect instant fund transfers to any of our branches. They also enjoy  faster money transfers to other banks.

  •       Our customers enjoy first class customer service as a result of highly reliable transactions and records.

  •       Our customers enjoy competitive prices and services especially money transfers between CRDB Bank branches because transmission costs are distance insensitive (90% of costs are fixed and predictable).

  •       Our customers are satisfied by the improved interbank, local and international money transfers through SWIFT facility.

  •       Our customers also benefit from accurate, timely and on-line information.  

  •       The Bank will conitnue upgrading its information Technology Systems to facilitate delivery of best banking services to our esteemed customers.

In other words, while the Bank is able to handle a significantly greater volume of business with the same staffing and administrative expenses, our customers are enjoying markedly improved bank services, operations, and consequently a better satisfaction of their needs